We have a special NTA room rate for conference attendees at the the Hilton Portland Downtown/The Duniway. You can book your room for a reduced rate here. 

Join us at the Hilton Portland!

We want you to have the best possible experience at next year’s conference, so we put great care into finding accommodations that best meet the needs of our community. We’re happy to announce that we’ve secured a limited number of discounted rooms at Hilton Portland for conference attendees. The room block is established to ensure that all our conference needs for guest rooms and meeting space are offered at a discounted price. We chose this venue because:

  • Hilton Portland is also our conference venue, which makes it the most convenient location possible for your stay. All sessions, exhibits, receptions, and networking opportunities will take place at the hotel. You’ll simply ride down the elevator or cross the street (if you book at the Duniway) and walk right into the conference! 
  • It’s located in the heart of downtown Portland and close to many of the city’s amazing restaurants, coffee shops, museums, gardens, and Portland’s beautiful waterfront. 
  • Given that Hilton Portland is our preferred place to stay, many conference goers will also be staying at the hotel so you can easily meet up with other attendees.
  • Did we mention the rooms are discounted? Stay in a beautiful, conveniently located hotel for less than you would otherwise.
  • When you stay at the Hilton, it enables us to keep the price of both the conference tickets and the room rates down.

The room block is established to ensure that all our Conference needs for guest rooms AND meeting space are offered at a discounted price. In other words, staying at the hotel allows for the NTA to keep down the cost of the conference ticket and the room rates based on our agreement with Hilton Portland. What this also means is that we need to fill a minimum number of rooms in the hotel to keep these discounts in place. So, we would very much appreciate if you made your reservation through our booking portal as opposed to booking your accommodations through another method. We so appreciate your support!

Be Aware and Avoid Scams: Many times, those not affiliated with our conference will often contact our attendees and registrants. These entities are known as poachers or pirate companies. The intent is to convince you that the offer is made on our behalf, or that the soliciting company is a viable alternative to going through our official block. This is not true. If you receive solicitations via email, fax or letter from other companies and housing providers, please remember that they are in no way affiliated or sanctioned by the Nutritional Therapy Association, and should immediately be referred to us at