Speakers are arranged in alphabetical order by last name.

Angie Alt, CHC

Co-blogger on Autoimmune-Paleo.com, author of The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook

TOPIC: The Ins and Outs of The Autoimmune Protocol with Mickey Trescott, NTP.
Autoimmune Protocol with Sarah Ballantyne, PhD and Mickey Trescott, NTP.

Angie is part of the blogging duo behind Autoimmune Paleo, a website which provides recipes and resources for the autoimmune protocol. She helps individuals and groups take charge of their health the same way she took charge of her own after suffering with Celiac and other autoimmune diseases. Her special focus is on mixing “data with soul” by looking at the honest heart of the autoimmune journey. Angie attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a Certified Health Coach recognized by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is also the author of the book, The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook: Eating for All Phases of the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. She lives with her husband, just outside Washington, D.C., with their teenage daughter.

Sarah Ballantyne, PhD

Creator of The Paleo Mom, author of The Paleo Approach, The Paleo Approach Cookbook, and The Healing Kitchen

TOPIC: The Connection between Sleep and Autoimmune Disease
PANEL: Autoimmune Protocol with Mickey Trescott, NTP & Angie Alt

Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D. is the creator of the award-winning online resource www.ThePaleoMom.com; cohost of the syndicated top-rated The Paleo View Podcast; and New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Approach, The Paleo Approach Cookbook and The Healing Kitchen. Sarah earned her doctorate degree in medical biophysics at the age of 26 and spent the next four years doing research on critical care medicine, innate immunity, gene therapy and cell biology, earning a variety of awards for research excellence along the way. Sarah’s transition from academic researcher to stay-at-home mom to award-winning and internationally-recognized health advocate and educator was driven by her own health journey, which included losing 120 pounds and using both diet and lifestyle to mitigate and reverse a dozen diagnosed health conditions. As a scientist both by training and by nature, Sarah is deeply interested in understanding how the foods we eat interact with our gut barriers, immune systems, and hormones to influence health. Sarah’s innate curiosity goes further than just understanding diet and she is also deeply interested in the impact of lifestyle factors like sleep, stress and activity. Her passion for scientific literacy and her talent for distilling scientific concepts into straightforward and accessible explanations form the foundation of her work and her dedication to improving public health.

Download Presentation & Handout
The Connection Between Sleep and Autoimmune Disease – Presentation, by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD

Dr. Doug Barnard, NTP

Neurologically Based Nutritional Therapy (NBNT)

TOPIC: Fitness Training for Vascular and Brain Health

Douglas Barnard has been a health care provider since 1978. His background includes being a Registered Nurse, NTP, Certified Practitioner of Structural Integration (Rolfing), Certified Kaatsu Specialist and Doctor of Chiropractic. He is primarily a Natural Health Care Provider.  He believes in the Basics…a good diet than can nourish oneself on many levels, regular exercise and movement that should include strength and conditioning, fun movement like dancing and the practice of the more grounding types of exercise like Yoga, just being in Nature and sometimes just being Quiet. In his practice, he is of course focused on the results.  In order to give the best care possible, he feels a thorough Consultation and Exam using the best assessment tools and skills available go a long way in building confidence and trust with the patient/client which tends to improve clinical outcomes. For Dr. Barnard, its simple…try to live a balanced life with trying to balance work with play.  Not always easy but has huge benefits. His play includes dancing, kayaking, XC skiing, cycling and gardening.  He loves living in the NW, and being so close to wonderful outdoor fun. Doug and three other Doctors will be introducing Neurologically Based Nutritional Therapy (NBNT).

Danielle Brooks, NTP

Author of Good Decisions…Most of the Time.

TOPIC: Emotional Eating: Why We Do It, and How to Overcome It

Danielle is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist, Professional Speaker, and founder of Redmond Nutritional Therapy, Lake Washington Massage Therapy, and Good Decisions Inc. She is also a freelance writer with an entrepreneurial spirit who has worked in the health care field for over two decades. She currently practices nutrition in Washington state. She works with a diverse clientele and conditions ranging from diabetes, hormone imbalances, and poor digestion to weight loss. Weight loss and the psychology of food are her passion and by far what she works with the most. Danielle is a member of The American Herbalists Guild, Nutritional Therapy Association, and the Association of Washington Business. In her free time Danielle enjoys spending time online with the Good Decisions community sharing what she learns and developing delicious, healthy new recipes.

Download Presentation & Handout
Overcoming Emotional Eating – Handout, by Danielle Brooks, NTP, CH

David Chessik

Co-Founder of the Alaska Broth Company

PANEL: How to Start Your Own Real Food Business

David Chessik is a life-long Alaskan Commercial fisherman, who also built an Alaskan wilderness fishing camp with his own hands, before going to law school and practicing bankruptcy law in Las Vegas, where his health diminished as he focused on reigning in corrupt banks.  When he realized that the lifestyle was going to kill him before he brought the corrupt system to justice, he closed his law practice and returned to his fishing boat and camp in Alaska, where he set about to live a foraged, natural, lifestyle; collecting wild teas, seaweeds, berries, fermenting vegetables, and utilizing all the nutrient dense parts of fish and moose, that he had previously discarded.  David reports that the fish broths were particularly effective in helping him lose 100 lbs and regain his vitality.  Realizing that there are hundreds of millions of pounds of nutritionally valuable fish parts that are discarded, when they have attributes that are desperately needed in people’s diets, David and Daiva attended NTA’s NTP program toward further understanding the opportunity they sensed.

Thereafter, David combined his experience with fish and nature, his knowledge of law, business, and metaphysics, and his nutritional training to Co-found with Daiva the “Alaska Broth Company” brand of Alaskan fish broth with all wild and organic ingredients; designed for health (and beauty), with the GAPS protocol in mind, and as a first step toward ending a colossal waste of nutritionally valuable marine collagen.  David and Daiva will be offering marine collagen-rich broth tastings and demonstrations as exhibitors, and David will give some insights on what it takes to start your own real food business as a speaker at the conference.

Hannah Crum

Founder of Kombucha Kamp and Kombucha Brewers International

TOPIC: Kombucha and the Human Microbiome with Alex LaGory
PANEL: How to Start You Own REAL FOOD Business with David Chessick & Trish Carty, NTP

Hannah Crum is The Kombucha Mamma, founder of Kombucha Kamp (http://www.kombuchakamp.com/), the most visited website in the world for quality kombucha information, recipes and supplies. KKamp’s mission is to “change the world, one gut at a time.” Along with partner Alex LaGory, Hannah is also an industry journalist & Master Brewer, directly mentoring thousands of new and experienced kombucha brewers and providing consultation services for kombucha start-ups since 2007. Together, Hannah and Alex also co-founded Kombucha Brewers International, the industry non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting bottled kombucha around the world where Hannah serves as president. Their 400 page, full color “The Big Book of Kombucha” is set for release by Storey Publishing (Mar 2016). Hannah is also a leader and featured speaker in the Real Food movement, using the “Kombucha Lifestyle” as an introduction to other fermented foods, gut health, the human microbiome, “bacteriosapiens” and more.

Download Speaker Presentation
Kombucha and the Human Microbiome by Hanna Crum & Alex LaGory

Richard Diehl, PhD, MEd, LAc, NTP

International Lecturer and Founder of Wellness Works Hawaii

TOPIC: Communications Excellence

Richard began his nutritional studies with Gray Graham in Hawaii prior to the founding of the Nutritional Therapy Association. He went on to co-teach the first NTA course in Hawaii in 2004. In addition to his private practice in Nutrition Therapy, Acupuncture, and other healing arts, Richard is a Master Trainer of Neurolinguistics (NLP), the art of communication excellence. He has lectured on this subject at universities and centers in nine countries, on five continents. In the mid 80’s Richard ran Anthony Robbins programs in Hawaii. NLP techniques can improve personal and professional interactions by offering methods and techniques to build rapport, create better therapeutic outcomes, and achieve more consistent results through better communication and listening skills.

Cathy Eason, LMT, NTP, CGP, CFSP

Lead NTA Instructor, and Owner of Abundant Health Nutritional Therapy

TOPIC: Practical Tips for Practice Management
PANEL MODERATOR: Hashimoto’s with Andrea Nakayama, Izabella Wentz, and Mickey Trescott

Cathy is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, and public lecturer with a private practice in Portland, Oregon. She has over 15 years of clinical experience providing holistic nutrition counseling, therapeutic bodywork, exercise program development, and lifestyle education to a wide range of clients. As owner and primary practitioner of Abundant Health Nutritional Therapy, Cathy enjoys helping individuals and families obtain optimal health by combining Nutritional Therapy assessment techniques with her training in physical therapy and exercise protocols. Currently a competitive recreational athlete and formerly a collegiate All-American, Cathy also consults professional athletes from a variety of sports for injury prevention and improved performance. She holds dual degrees from Portland State University in Exercise Science and Physiology and General Science, having loved the study of the human body both inside and out.

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Reading the Client Mosaic by Cathy Eason, NTP, CFSP

Craig Fear, NTP

Creator of Fearless Eating Traditional Food for Modern Times, author of Fearless Broths and Soups and The 30 Day Heartburn Solution

TOPIC: Bone Broth Lessons from Asia

Craig Fear is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) who specializes in helping others with chronic digestive issues. Craig was part of the first graduating NTP training class on the east coast in 2008. He struggled with his own digestive problems for many years, which inspired him to become an NTP and start his practice, Pioneer Valley Nutritional Therapy, in Northampton, Massachusetts, in 2009. Craig’s dietary philosophy is firmly rooted in traditional foods. He believes in real food from small-scale sustainable farms and the pioneering research of Dr. Weston Price as a starting point for what to eat and why. He started his blog, Fearless Eating, in 2011 (www.FearlessEating.net ), wrote his first book, The 30 Day Heartburn Solution, in 2013 (and plans to write many more), and created an online digestive e-course, Fearless Digestion (www.FearlessDigestion.com ), in 2014. He lives in Northampton, MA where he works with clients around digestive health. He has authored two books, The 30-Day Heartburn Solution and Fearless Broths and Soups.

Craig has just returned from 5 weeks in Thailand.  As part of his talk, you’ll see photographs of the vibrant Thai markets and the many ways broth is a staple in everyday life. You’ll also learn some simple Asian-inspired soup recipes, a common Asian broth you’ve probably never made (and 2 important reasons why you should) and a type of bone broth that can actually cause your clients more harm than good.

Download Speaker Presentation
Bone Broth Lessons from Asia by Craig Fear, NTP

Margaret Floyd, NTP, CGP, CHFS

Author of Eat Naked: Unprocessed, Unpolluted and Undressed Eating for a Healthier, Sexier You

PANEL MODERATOR: Blogger Panel with Liz Wolfe, Caroline Potter, and Lauren Geertsen

Margaret Floyd, NTP, CGP, CHFS is the author of Eat Naked: Unprocessed, Unpolluted, and Undressed Eating for a Healthier, Sexier You. She received her nutritional therapy practitioner certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association, was certified as a holistic health counselor by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and as a certified healing foods specialist. She is also certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She has a thriving private practice in Los Angeles, CA. Floyd’s work with clients is focused on shifting their diet to a naked diet through gradual changes to their lifestyle, cooking methods, shopping habits, and recipes. She shares her passion for food and good health by teaching her clients how to eat so that they can enjoy both. Visit her at www.eatnakednow.com.

Erin Foushee, NTP

NTA Lead Instructor, Founder and Owner of Fortis Wellness

TOPIC: Teaching Nutrition in a Group or Corporate Setting

Like you, Erin Foushee’s career goal is to transform the health of those in her community. Throughout the last eight years, Erin has lead hundreds of clients on the path of healing through her wellness workshops. Her company, Fortis Wellness, specializes in providing corporate wellness workshops and fitness programs to businesses. In both 2013 and 2014, a company under the direction of Fortis Wellness won the prestigious Washington Business Journal’s “Healthiest Employer Award.” Erin is the developer of the Fortis Corporate Wellness Program, which provides workshop materials, instructor guidance, and support to NTPs and NTCs implementing the program. She also enjoys teaching NTA students as a Lead Instructor in Minnesota and Virginia. At this year’s NTA conference, her mission is to share key elements of profitable and dynamic workshops, helping you improve current presentations or begin incorporating workshops.

Download Speaker Presentation & Handout
Standing Room Only! by Erin Foushee, NTP

Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, NTP, BCHN

International best-selling book, Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and A Longer Life

TOPIC: Rethinking Fatigue

Nora Gedgaudas, a widely recognized expert on what is popularly referred to as the “Paleo diet” is the author of the ground-breaking, international best-selling book, Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and A Longer Life.  She is also the author of the paradigm-shifting ebook: Rethinking Fatigue: What Your Adrenals Are Really Telling You and What You Can Do About It. Nora is a highly successful, experienced nutritional consultant, speaker and educator, widely interviewed on national and international radio, popular podcasts, television and film. She has been a guest on The Dr. Oz ShowCoast To Coast AM, Sydney, Australia’s Today and Sunrise Show and has been interviewed by US News and World Report.  Her own popular podcasts are widely listened to on iTunes and are available for free download at her website www.primalbody-primalmind.com, along with numerous free articles/videos and a location on the homepage, where anyone can subscribe for her free newsletter. She maintains a private practice in Portland, Oregon as both a Board-Certified nutritional consultant and a Board-Certified clinical Neurofeedback Specialist.  Her next full length book, published by Simon & Schuster is due to be released in January of 2017.

Lauren Geertsen, NTP

Author behind the website EmpoweredSustenance.com, author of Quit Acne: The Nutritional Approach for Clear Skin and Quit PMS: End Your Menstrual Misery Naturally

PANEL: Blogger Panel with Liz Wolfe, NTP and Caroline Potter, NTP

Lauren is the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and author behind EmpoweredSustenance.com. Diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease at age 14, she struggled for years with ineffective medications and the threat of surgery. Determined to find a different answer, she used a grain free nutrition protocol to eliminate all symptoms of her disease. Lauren is the author of Quit Acne: The Nutritional Approach for Clear Skin and Quit PMS: End Your Menstrual Misery Naturally.

Elson M. Haas, MD

Founder and Director of the Preventive Medical Center of Marin, and Author of a dozen popular books on health and nutrition, including Staying Healthy with the Seasons, Staying Healthy with Nutrition, The Detox Diet, and the brand new book Ultimate Immunity.

TOPIC: Nutrition, Detox, and Integrative Medicine

Elson Haas, MD (www.ElsonHaasMD.com) is an integrative family physician for 40 years and is founder and director of Preventive Medical Center of Marin (www.pmcmarin.com ), an integrative medical center in northern California, bringing forth a new family care model utilizing insurance and Medicare where possible. Elson is also the author of 10 books in the areas of Health, Nutrition, and Detoxification including Staying Healthy with the Seasons, Staying Healthy with Nutrition, The Detox Diet, and the recently published Ultimate Immunity. He is about to release Volume I of a book he has worked on for a decade, Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine: Integrating Natural, Eastern, and Western Approaches for Optimal Health. Elson as “Dr. Sun” also develops health educational materials and performances for children and families (www.seasonsstudios.com).

Season Johnson, NTP

Season is the President of the KICKcancER

TOPIC: Children’s Health Panel with Julie Matthews, CNC, Mandy Lee, NTP & Moderator Beth Lambert

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Season has a special interest in working with children and their families. She explains, “Each of us is bio-chemically unique yet all can greatly benefit from a nutrient dense, properly prepared diet that supports good health. My goal is to educate others to eliminate the underlying causes of disease in the body and support the body where needed through diet, nutritional therapy and lifestyle changes. Understanding that our bodies are amazingly capable of restoring balance drives my work.”

Season is the President of the KICKcancER Movement and received the WAPF Activist Award in 2014 for her work in supporting pediatric cancer patients through real food and nutritional therapy. Additionally, Season is well-versed in using essential oils to enhance the body’s own healing abilities.

Javdat Karimov, MD

CEO of Global Health Solutions, LLC

TOPIC: Heart Rate Variability with Dr. Michael Kessler

Javdat  Karimov is a naturopathic  physician  with an M.D. background (Russia) in Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine. He graduated from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2003 and since then has maintained a private practice in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Karimov has over 20 years of clinical experience focusing in Cardiology, Eastern Medicine (traditional Chinese medicine),  Ayurveda, Tibetan and Quantum healing. Dr. Karimov is actively involved in researching the health benefits of Quantum medicine. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Karimov is CEO of Global Health Solutions, LLC where he designs and sells assessment tools for the health practitioner.

Kendall Kendrick, NTP

Creator of Primal Balance, Co-founder of Evolved Recovery, Host of Born Primal

TOPIC: An Integrative Approach to Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery

Kendall Kendrick is a mom to four girls, voice actor, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and motivational speaker writing at Primal-Balance.com. She is also the co-founder of Evolved Recovery, A Holistic Guide to Living Sober. In her practice, Kendall created a Beyond Food model, dedicated to helping people live a holistic life through healthy eating practices, lifestyle, mindfulness, and empowerment. In her public speaking role, she discusses perfectionism recovery, primal parenting, letting go of control and shame, finding balance, and creating a fulfilled, peaceful life. Kendall lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her daughters, backyard chickens, and urban homesteading husband.

Michael Kessler, DC

Author of four books for Lombardi Press: The 8 Day Detox Breakthrough, The New Medicine Cure, Doctor’s Home Remedies That Work, and New Breakthroughs in Natural Pain Healing

TOPIC: Heart Rate Variability

Dr. Kessler, D.C.,C.C.S.P. has 25 years clinical practice with a primary focus on nutritional and energetic therapies and is highly experienced in the integration of advanced healing methods, systems and devices.  Dr. Kessler is the author of four books for Lombardi Press: The 8 day Detox Breakthrough, The New Medicine Cure, Doctor’s Home Remedies That Work, and New Breakthroughs in Natural Pain Healing. He also wrote articles on a monthly basis for several years for a health newsletter for Lombardi Publishing. Dr. Kessler has taught numerous workshops on a variety of topics for Designs for Health as well as Biotics Research, Nutrienergetics Systems and has lectured for the Academy of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Curing the Incurables, and 2016 Dr. Brimhall Homecoming. He now teaches individual practitioners how they can integrate a variety of modalities into their practices to help localize the core imbalances that are contributing to their patients’ health problems with core solutions from diet and exercise.

Alex LaGory

President of Kombucha Kamp, Co-Author of the Kombucha Kamp website and the upcoming “Big Book of Kombucha” (Storey Publishing, Spring 2016), and Co-Founder/Chairman of the Board of Kombucha Brewers International

TOPIC: Kombucha and the Human Microbiome with Hannah Crum

With a background in film, television and video production, Alex has always been a storyteller. A love for writing and journalism helped guide him to documentary, where he has produced intimate movies on dynamic, diverse subjects such as Broadway actors, NBA stars and the 2004 presidential election. After years of watching Hannah teach others about Kombucha, his taste buds and belly bugs finally clicked into place and he lost 40lbs in 18 months by changing his diet. Since 2010, he has served as President of Kombucha Kamp, Co-Author of the Kombucha Kamp website and the upcoming “Big Book of Kombucha” (Storey Publishing, Spring 2016), and Co-Founder/Chairman of the Board of Kombucha Brewers International, the non-profit trade association for the bottled beverage industry. All because he started Trusting His Gut!

Beth Lambert

Founder and Executive Director of Epidemic Answers

TOPIC: Documenting Hope

Beth is the Founder and Executive Director of Epidemic Answers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the epidemic of chronic illness affecting our youth, and helping parents find healing solutions (www.epidemicanswers.org).  She is also the creator and Executive Producer of The Documenting Hope Project (www.documentinghope.com). Beth is the author of A Compromised Generation:  The Epidemic of Chronic Illness in America’s Children (Sentient, 2010).  She is a former healthcare consultant and teacher. She attended Oxford University and graduated with honors from Williams College. She holds an M.A. in American Studies, with a concentration in American Healthcare, from Fairfield University. Beth is the mother of three young children, and is passionate about preventing chronic illnesses in children.  Beth has appeared on television, radio and speaks widely on the epidemic of chronic illness in children. Learn more about:

Mandy Lee, NTP

Creator of Fostering Nutrition a Website Dedicated to “Raising a Healthier Generation”

TOPIC: Healing Kids with Food
PANEL: Children’s Health Panel with Julie Matthews, CNC, Season Johnson, NTP and Beth Lambert

Mandy Lee is co-author of “Real Food Recovery GFCF Cookbook” publish date March 2016 and author of “How Our Family Survived: 10 Ways to Holistically Manage Cancer and Fostering”. She is Founder of Fostering Nutrition, LLC which supports the nutritional health of many children locally as well as worldwide through the website. She is a dedicated Mom to birth, foster, and adopted children, a hobby farmer, teacher, a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Traditional Foods Chef with a B.S. & Advanced Studies from Cal Poly. Mandy is currently working towards her doctorate degree. Lee has traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad, engaging audiences of parents and kids alike through song and word from Florida to California, Australia to Costa Rica, and Israel to Puerto Rico. Her aim is to inspire a healthy life full of simple fun, passion, good food, and charity. She especially enjoys nutritionally supporting the Foster/Orphan children that can be forgotten.

Download Presentation & Handout
Healing with Food – Presentation, by Mandy Lee, BS, NTP

Julie Matthews, CNC

Founder and President of Nourishing Hope: Food & Nutritional for ADHD, Autism, and Healthy Children, Author of Nourishing Hope for Autism

TOPIC: Using BioIndividual Nutrition to Personalize Therapeutic Diets and Improve Clinical Success
PANEL: Children’s Health Panel with Mandy Lee, NTP, Season Johnson, NTP and Beth Lambert

Julie Matthews is an internationally respected autism diet and nutrition specialist. As a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Julie provides diet and nutrition intervention guidance backed by extensive scientific research and applied clinical experience. She has helped thousands of children worldwide through her public education programs, conferences sessions, private consultations, her blog, and website. Julie serves on the scientific advisory panel of The Autism File, and is an honored member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), and is a co-founder of Nourishing Hope®.

Mark McAfee

Founder and CEO of Organic Pastures

TOPIC: Where Milk Meets Medicine

Founder of Organic Pastures Dairy, Mark is internationally recognized as an expert in raw milk safety and production. He has spoken in more than 25 states and three countries on the subject. In 2000, Mark brought together the team and systems that founded OPDC and then in the last 14 years grew the California based company to include 65 employees, 24 delivery trucks, more than 600 retail stores, 15 farmers markets and 30 buyers clubs.  Mark founded the Raw Milk Institute.Org in 2011, to teach, research and create low risk raw milk production systems and practices for the humanitarian benefit of the emerging raw milk markets. In addition, he taught paramedic medicine at a local County Health Department and worked for sixteen years as an EMS paramedic responding to more than 15,000 calls. Mark served on a STAR rescue team and airborne EMS services, while also serving as marketing director and operations manager for a $30 million dollar EMS company. He is pre-med trained, and is an experienced medical educator. Mark started flying at 15 and is an active clinic mission pilot for LIGA, “the flying doctors”.  Mark flies all over California and the western USA meeting raw milk customers for much requested free “Share the Secret” presentations.

Susan McCauley, BS, NC

Co-host of Evolved Recover Podcast, Co-host of Dr. Ruscio Podcast

TOPIC: An Integrative Approach to Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery

Evolved Recovery is a rapidly growing concept offering a holistic approach to living sober created by Susan McCauley BS, NC and Kendall Kendrick NTP. As nutrition coaches and recovering alcoholics and addicts, Susan and Kendall recognized the value that living a healthy, balanced life made in their personal recovery.  They are the authors of the 6 Weeks to Evolved Recovery online course, helping alcoholics and addicts worldwide overcome sugar addiction. Evolved Recovery compliments any addiction treatment program to incorporate the principles of holistic living into sobriety. Evolved Recovery teaches the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet, sleep hygiene, the roles of fitness, play, community, mindfulness and meditation in partnership with a program of recovery.

Deanna Minich, PhD

Internationally Recognized Lifestyle Medicine Expert, Teacher, Author of 5 Books, and Creator of the Food & Spirit Approach to WHOLE Health

TOPIC: Whole Detox: How to Cleanse, Nourish, and Thrive in a Colorful Life

Deanna is the author of five books on nutrition and wellness, including Chakra Foods for Optimum Health, and her latest, Whole Detox. She grew up with a health-nut mom and junk-food dad, who ultimately taught her important lessons about food – be conscious, but not so crazy conscious that you become a perfectionist. Having had her own emotional eating and health issues in her teens and twenties, she looked for solutions to her health and relationship with food. Her journey to find answers led her to weave together science, nutrition, psychology, philosophy, yoga, and chakras to develop a lifestyle system called Food & Spirit. She offers training to practitioners of all types to learn this color-coded system for health and wellness (www.foodandspiritprofessional.com) to help others to live a vibrant full-spectrum life.

Andrea Nakayama, CNC, CNE, CHHC

Founder of Replenish PDX and Holistic Nutrition Lab and Co-Founder of The Hashimoto’s Institute.  She is the 2015 Winner of the NANP Impact Award.

TOPIC: Functional Nutrition Mastery: 8 Ninja Moves to Turn the Information You Already Know into The Key Elements of a Successful Practice
PANEL: Hashimoto’s Panel with Izabella Wentz, Pharm D and Mickey Trescott

Functional nutritionist and educator Andrea Nakayama (CNC, CNE, CHHC, FNLP) is leading clients, students, and practitioners around the world in a revolution focused on reclaiming ownership over one’s own health, through her work at Replenish PDX and Holistic Nutrition Lab. Her passion for food as personalized medicine was born from the loss of her young husband to a brain tumor in 2002. Andrea is now training a thousand practitioners every year in the science and art of the clinical practice that transforms lives, and she’s regularly consulted as the nutrition expert for the toughest clinical cases in the practices of many world-renowned doctors. Her unique ability to make the very complex easily digestible is one of the many factors that led to Andrea being honored in 2015 with the Impact Award from the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

Julie O’Brien, NTP

Co-founder of Firefly Kitchens, author of Fresh and Fermented

TOPIC: Quick & Simple Ways to Make Fermented Foods a Part of Every Client’s Diet with Trish Carty, NTP.

Julie O’Brien is the Co-founder of Firefly Kitchens which produces organic, naturally fermented, and probiotic rich foods and the author of Fresh and Fermented. Born in Alaska, Julie spent her childhood harvesting fresh seafood, picking ripe berries, and adventuring everywhere she could. After her kids reached school age, she pursued her certification in Nutritional Therapy where she was introduced to Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions and discovered the health benefits of traditionally fermented foods. After experimenting at home, she wanted to share her recipes with a larger audience. She launched Firefly Kitchens in 2010, beginning with sales in local farmers market, then moving into retail stores in the PNW and continuing to grow with distribution to Whole Foods on the West Coast and in Western Canada. Customers love the fresh, vibrant taste of Firefly’s ferments and the health benefits of the products. In 2014, Julie released Fresh & Fermented (Sasquatch Books), a collection of kraut recipes and dozens of ways to add these ferments to your daily meals!

Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN

World Renowned Expert on Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, and Creator of the Paradigm Shifting, “The Gluten Summit – A Grain of Truth”

Thursday Workshop: Certified Gluten Practitioner Program

Dr. Tom O’Bryan is an internationally recognized speaker and workshop leader specializing in the complications of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac Disease, and Autoimmune Disease as they occur inside and outside of the intestines. He is the founder of www.theDr.com. He recently hosted the paradigm-shifting ‘The Gluten Summit – A Grain of Truth’, bringing together 29 of the world’s experts on Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity at www.theglutensummit.com.

Jennifer Pecot, LMT, NTP, CHFS, CPT

Co-CEO of Immunitrition, NTA Lead Instructor

PANEL MODERATOR: Food Entreprenuer Panel with Hanna Crum, David Chessik, and Julie O’Brien, NTP

Jennifer is the Co-CEO and Director of Immunitrition, is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Master Certified Healing Foods Specialist (CHFS), AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Boot Camp Challenge Instructor, Body Ecology Coach, and health lecturer. Jennifer holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida, graduating summa cum laude. Jennifer was introduced to the Body Ecology Diet and Nourishing Traditions Diet by her good friend, Caroline Barringer.  She began researching the connection between diet and immune function, the mind/body connection, and the benefits of exercise on overall health.  In April of 2005, Jennifer became an AFAA certified Personal Trainer and founded Body Divine Fitness Concepts. Jennifer is currently a Lead Instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association.

Jonathan Posey

Legislative Director for Alliance for Natural Health

Jonathan Posey is the Legislative Director for the Alliance for Natural Health USA, part of an international non-profit dedicated to promoting natural and sustainable health—and, in particular, consumer freedom of choice in healthcare—through good science and good law. ANH-USA unites consumers, practitioners, and industry members under a single productive and widely respected banner. Prior to joining ANH-USA, Jonathan spent 10 years in Washington, DC with GovBiz Advantage, a subsidiary of The Livingston Group, where he lobbied in many capacities for food and consumer safety, and environmental and pharmaceutical regulation. He was also instrumental in helping to pass the World Trade Center Health Program for first responders. Jonathan currently heads ANH-USA’s policy, lobbying, and coalition engagement work, including their campaign to ensure consumer access to nutrition professionals.

Caroline Potter, NTP

Author of The All-American Paleo Cookbook and Creator of the Popular Health Blog, Colorful Eats.

TOPIC: Gluten Free/Paleo Desserts
PANEL: Blogger Panel with Liz Wolfe, NTP and Lauren Geertsen, NTP

Caroline Potter is the author of the cookbook, All American Paleo Table, and creator behind the blog Colorful Eats, where she encourages a joyful, vibrant approach to nutrition and living. After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in college, Caroline began her journey of real-food nutrition and developed a love for cooking, re-creating her favorite foods using grain-free ingredients and food photography! In the end, Caroline says she is thankful for this disease as it has shaped her passions and allowed her to share her inspiring story with others. Caroline lives in Hawaii where her husband is stationed at Pearl Harbor and they enjoy island adventures with their spunky golden retriever!

Leanne Scott, NTP, IHS, FDN-P, RWS

PANEL MODERATOR: AIP Panel with Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, Mickey Trescott, NTP  and Angie Alt

Leanne Scott is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Integrative Health Coach and a Certified Gluten Practitioner trained by Dr. Tom O’Bryan. Based in Queensland where she runs a busy practice – Pure Core Nourishment Pty Ltd. My philosophy is based on the belief that optimal health is based on working with the innate wisdom of the body to restore function and bring the body back into balance.

Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD

Pediatric neurologist, herbalist, urban farmer, naturalist and author of The Dirt Cure: Growing Healthy Kids with Food Straight from Soil

KEYNOTE: The Dirt Cure

Maya Shetreat-Klein, M.D., is an integrative pediatric neurologist, an herbalist, an urban farmer, a naturalist, and author of The Dirt Cure: Growing Healthy Kids With Food Straight from Soil (Simon and Schuster, 2016). Dr. Shetreat-Klein completed the University of Arizona’s two-year Fellowship in Integrative Medicine and subsequently wrote the Introduction to Integrative Neurology curriculum. Dr. Shetreat-Klein has lectured nationally and internationally for both physicians and laypeople on such topics as children’s health, education and time in nature, botanical medicine, biodiversity, and the relationship between our health and the natural world. She has testified on topics such as fracking, safe products for children, and the impact of chemical exposures on children’s health. She practices in New York City, where she teaches about Terrain Medicine.

Charlotte Smith

Owner of Champoeg Creamery and Charlotte Smith Pastured Meats

TOPIC: Kefir: The biggest, baddest super food in existence!

Named a food rebel, pioneer and visionary by PBS’s Food Forward TV, and a “Pioneering Leader in Raw Milk Production” by Mark McAfee, CEO Organic Pastures Dairy, Charlotte Smith has created a sustainable farm-to-consumer business selling premium meats, poultry, eggs and raw milk. She has a farm store on the property where about 150 customers arrive each week to purchase their healing foods. This community also shares their hundreds of health recovery stories over the years that are the driving force that keeps the farm sustainable! Many of these stories are shared on the Champoegcreamery.com blog. The farm has become a hub where Oregonians enjoy nutrition counseling and classes and are able to get in touch with the food that heals them. After witnessing one too many small business owners close up shop after being run ragged and still not being able to pay the bills with their sales, she founded 3cowmarketing.com to help others transform their marketing skills and begin to live the life they always dreamed of. Charlotte is also the creator of the website rawmilkpro.com which mentors raw milk producers across the U.S. and around the world.

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The Health Benefits of Kefir by Charlotte Smith


John Tjenos, LMT, NTP

NTA Lead Instructor, and Co-Founder of Inneractive Healing Systems

TOPIC: The Three Questions That Every Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Should Ask – And How to Answer Them

John has been in a private clinical practice in New York City and Seattle since 1991. His multi-disciplined approach reflects his view that for healing to be sustained, it must occur on multiple levels of our being – structural, biochemical, electromagnetic, and emotional. John has integrated Nutritional Therapy with the structural bodywork of Aston Patterning, the Autonomic Reflex Technique pioneered by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, and the applied kinesiology methods developed by Dr. George Goodheart. A core principle and motivation for his work is the idea that nutrition should be a foundation for all disciplines of health care, including medicine, psychotherapy, skin care, dentistry, acupuncture, and massage. He believes passionately in sharing with others the power of nutrition in healing, and especially in healing the chronic conditions that afflict so many people today. He believes that it is of utmost importance to educate parents about the role nutrition plays in their child’s physical, mental, and emotional development.

Mickey Trescott, NTP

Creator of Autoimmune-Paleo.com, Author of The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

TOPIC:The Ins and Outs of The Autoimmune Protocol
PANEL: Autoimmune Protocol with Angie Alt

PANEL: Hashimoto’s Panel with Andrea Nakayama, CNC, CNE, CHHC, FNLP and Izabella Wentz Pharm D

Mickey is the chef and blogger behind the website autoimmune-paleo.com, which provides recipes and resources for the autoimmune protocol. After recovering from her own struggle with both Celiac and Hashimoto’s disease, adrenal fatigue, and multiple vitamin deficiencies, Mickey started to write about her experience to share with others and help them realize they are not alone in their struggles. She is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner by the Nutritional Therapy Association, and is the author of The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, a guide and recipe book for the autoimmune protocol. Mickey is also on the board for Hashimoto’s Awareness, a support and advocacy organization for autoimmune thyroid disease. She recently moved to the Willamette Valley, Oregon to start a homestead with her husband.

Izabella Wentz, Pharm D, FASCP

The Thyroid Pharmacist and Author of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause

TOPIC: The Root Cause of Hashimotos
PANEL: Hashimotos Panel with Andrea Nakayama, CNC, CNE, CHHC, FNLP and Mickey Trescott, NTP

Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP is a pharmacist who has dedicated herself to addressing the root causes of autoimmune thyroid disease after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2009. She is the author of the New York Times best-selling patient guide “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis” Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause” and is an ardent champion of incorporating lifestyle change and functional medicine into the treatment of autoimmune disease.

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Addressing the Root Causes of Hashimoto’s by Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP

Liz Wolfe, NTP

Author of Eat The Yolks and Purely Primal Skincare, Co-host of Balanced Bites Podcast, Co-host of Modern Farm Girls Podcast, and Creator of Real Food Liz and Baby Making and Beyond.

TOPIC: A Beginner’s Guide to a Profitable Online Presence
PANEL: Blogger Panel with Caroline Potter, NTP and Lauren Geertsen, NTP

Liz is author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Eat the Yolks, co-host of the award-winning Balanced Bites Podcast, creator of the Purely Primal Skincare Guide and the Baby Making and Beyond program, and the woman behind RealFoodLiz.com. When she’s not chasing a baby around her farmstead, she’s wrangling chickens and working on balancing motherhood, work, and sleep.

Miriam Zacharias, MS, LPSN

Vice President of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and Author of The Peace Proce$$

KEYNOTE: Peace Proce$$; Claim Your Brand, Grow Your Impact!

Miriam is on a mission to help health care professionals build wildly successful and joy-filled practices that fulfill their ultimate life’s purpose. She is the co-founder of the Prosperous Practitioner Summit, instructor at leading naturopathic, nutrition, and integrative medical schools and author of The PEACE Process, the ultimate marketing book for holistic health entrepreneurs. Miriam also consults with health industry leaders on her proven methods to attract new clients and patients. After two decades as a sales and marketing executive in corporate America, Miriam obtained advanced degrees and certifications in holistic nutrition, executive coaching, and sports nutrition, and ran a thriving holistic nutrition practice in southern California. She is vice president of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and board member of the Arizona Integrative Wellness Coalition.  Learn more about Miriam’s work by visiting www.miriamzacharias.com.